Robin Baker

Robin Baker’s Orphan Children’s Home

When R_____’s father died, her mother,a domestic abuse sufferer, committed suicide. R______ and her two sisters were left with their grandmother, who was very poor. She was seven years old when she came to the Robin Baker’s Orphan Children’s Home. Now she is in her final year of school and has been offered a scholarship for further education.

R____ lives in the Ranga Reddi District, Andhra Pradesh, India, named one of India’s most backward areas in 2006. The Robin Baker’s Orphan Children’s Home provides shelter, education and choice to girls from this region who would otherwise have no other option but to be married at an early age. It is the first establishment in the area to educate its girls and the first to send a significant number of its girls on to secondary education.

Robin Baker

Now, some of the girls who arrived at the home as young girls when it was first set up in 2000 are approaching adulthood, and some of them, like R_____ are interested in continuing their studies further. Just this year, three of the girls plan to go into nursing, subject to their impending exam results.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Foundation has provided £500, which the Robin Baker’s Orphan Children’s Home plans to spend on the books the Home needs to continue its work supporting girls to acquire not just the basics of reading and writing but become fully literate, well-educated and self-sufficient adults.

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