Heather Belgorodtseva

I have been working in education for over fifteen years as a teacher, a manager and a teacher trainer.  My subject is English as a foreign language, and this has included teaching people with various literacy issues.  I have lived and worked in the UK and in Russia, working for large organisations and small, for the state sector and profit-driven companies.  I am also the mother of two bilingual and bi-cultural children.

h2g2.com, the website co-founded by Douglas Adams and which I have been a member of for ten-plus years, is a wonderful place to experience different cultures, people from different backgrounds and with different opinions and experiences to yours, language and the mechanics of effective communication, the way people interact in online communities and the potential digital media has to bring people together.  I was only too happy to be involved in the successful bid to win h2g2 back from the BBC and am equally excited to represent the h2g2 community’s organisation, Field Researchers Ltd, on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Foundation board of trustees.