James Thrift

I have held the position of Douglas Adams’ brother for the last 44 years. At the age of 10 I took the role of “Most Annoying Child to Have in the Bedroom Next Door while you are Creating a Masterpiece,” and by 13 the fortuitous success of that masterpiece had enabled my promotion to “Terrify Me in the Back Seat Of a Porsche 911, Why Don’t You.”

With careers in retail and IT consultancy, I have been known to moonlight occasionally, being instrumental in the creation of the Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture series, the television version of Last Chance to See, Douglas’ Virtual 60th Birthday Party at The Apollo and 2013′s Douglas Adams’ birthday Google Doodle, seen by an estimated 100 million people.

Douglas was immensely proud of what he helped create at h2g2.com, and loved to champion the abilities and success of those around him. He would be delighted to see the continued success of h2g2 and the fine work of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Foundation.