Robbie Stamp

I have worked in the media most of my career as well as now being Chairman of a global  Management Consultancy Business, Bioss International.  After beginning as a television researcher and being lucky enough to work on some fascinating environmental  and historical documentaries, I was one of the founders of The Digital Village along with Douglas Adams.  We created the game Starship Titanic and of course launched live on Tomorrow’s World on BBC 1!

I was privileged to have worked alongside Douglas for several years.  He had many qualities as a colleague and friend but I particularly admired his curiosity, his love of ideas and his extraordinary ability to create wholly new perspectives from which to explore ‘life the universe and everything’.  So a Foundation, which has at its heart the desire to help people to have the various tools they need to explore and participate in their world, feels to me to be a fitting tribute to a great man and a dear and much missed friend.  I am proud to be a part of helping to get the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Foundation off the ground.